Laura has been highly personable throughout my consultations and has targeted my specific needs, which has resulted in a significant weight loss. Laura made the effort to research specific menus and look at food groups that suit my busy lifestyle as a Mum and for someone who likes to train. She's friendly and really easy to chat … Continue reading Michelle, Southampton.

Michelle, Southampton.

I just wanted to say thank you for everything Laura. 2016 has been a bit of a write-off, but looking back this morning I realised I have made one major, major break through this year at something I've been plugging away at for 10 years with no success, I've started to lose weight and got … Continue reading Janice Fisher, yoga teacher, London.

Janice Fisher, yoga teacher, London.

“Laura joined Alba’s Post as the first editor and solely created the whole content track for the first 6 months. We didn’t have a clear strategy for the content track at the time. Laura very quickly gained the general knowledge of the psoriasis and nutrition space needed and with minimal guidance she created a great … Continue reading Morten Krarup, Leo Innovation Lab

Morten Krarup, Leo Innovation Lab

“Laura worked remotely with our online clients providing them with dietary support to support their goals. She successfully helped many lose weight, increase muscle and improve their sporting performance through creation of tailored nutrition plans and strategies along with providing them with excellent support to keep them on track. Through her time working with Food … Continue reading Scott Baptie, Director Food For Fitness

Scott Baptie, Director Food For Fitness

"Having been overweight and on and off diets for the last twelve years, I made the decision a few months ago to contact Laura about making permanent changes to my eating habits and my attitude towards food. I can honestly say this was a superb decision.  Laura is a very dependable person to work with. … Continue reading Weight loss client – October 2015

Weight loss client – October 2015

"Since working with Laura, I have lost 30lbs which, aside from a massive confidence boost, has really improved my energy levels and my overall health and wellbeing. I used to dread getting on the scales, but now my weekly weigh in is like Christmas. I'm never hungry and I still get to eat foods I … Continue reading Fiona – weight loss client

Fiona – weight loss client

"After years of make-shift and fad diets I really think I have found a diet which is completely tailored for me that will stick. I have been working with Laura for nearly 6 months and not only have I got steady results (weight and inch loss) but I am slowly shrugging off bad habits and … Continue reading Weight loss client – London

Weight loss client – London

“Laura introduced me to the FODMAPS programme to manage my IBS which has helped my symptoms 100%!!! I now know what food groups can trigger my symptoms whereas before I had no idea that, aside from the usual wheat and dairy culprits, even some vegetables or legumes can cause problems”.

Low FODMAP diet client – London

“When looking through my food plan Laura had added things in I loved, I wondered could I eat what I love AND lose weight? I struggled the first few days with the amount of food I was eating but I made a great loss in the first week. I had fantastic support from Laura, knowing she was there to … Continue reading Weight loss client – UK

Weight loss client – UK

“I’ve found the service to be really helpful. Importantly, Laura’s advice is pragmatic and practical and is designed to fit in with how I live (and want to live) my life. She’s helping me make some changes which I think will be long term rather than just something I do for a couple of months … Continue reading Weight loss client – London

Weight loss client – London